::Directorate of Quality Enhancement Cell::


Quality Education has always been the prime focus of Karakoram international University. KIU ensures quality in every dimension and manner whether it is to provide infrastructure and ancillary facilities to students or to develop intellect in them. To ensure quality of education at KIU as per HEC directives, KIU QEC was established with the following Vision, Mission Statements and Objectives.

Vision Statement:

"A Model Quality Assurance Step" at the university with standardized procedures and practices in higer education.

Mission Statement:

Karakoram International University resolves to guarantee its stakeholders that the quality of the university education be maintained and enhanced as per international standards, and procedures and protocols are regularly checked for transparency and objectivity in order to achieve quality enhancement.


  • To ensure quality education at the University under the umbrella of Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission
  • To Identify and rectify the gaps hampering imparting quality education
  • To build the capacity of the faculty according to the modern lines.
  • To establish the standard parameters for quality education, training, assessment and evaluation
  • To identify the modern tools in teaching and research and incorporate it in education system as and when needed.

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