Students Activities

Student-faculty committees work together to arrange extra-curricular activities and fill in as much as possible, since major sporting facilities are not yet fully developed. The Polo Stadium Development Committee, the Environment Committee, the Sports Committee and the Library and Magazine Committee are some of the examples.

Student Affairs, Alumni Affairs and Career Guidance

This is a key portfolio in supporting and managing student related matters outside the classroom. Major undertakings of this office include:
  • Admission process and student orientation
  • Analyzing students performance and tracking results
  • Policy formulation and adjudication of academic awards, scholarships and stipends, comparative quality analysis of candidates year by year
  • Database of alumni, career guidance, seminars, contacts, and follow up on alumni careers after graduation, alumni re-unions
  • Convocation and awards ceremonies
  • Counseling and general support to students whenever they need it


Students are expected to attend all classes (100% attendance). A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory to be permitted to sit in university examinations. Students and parents are signatories to the following statement on the application form that must be respected .

NO FURTHER concession or consideration will be granted. Students and parents are signatories to the following statement on the application that must be respected.

"I undertake to attend my academic obligations as close to 100 percent as possible and agree that if I do not ensure record at least 75% attendance I will have no right to participate in university examinations. I undertake that in such a case neither myself nor my parents nor anyone else will have any right to petition the university for any consideration."

Student counseling services

KIU has started an innovative programme of assigning a varied group of 15 to 20 students to all faculty and senior management for a weekly student counseling session on each Thursday. This has parted the gap between students and KIU. KIU is now better informed of students difficulties, problems and endeavor for a quality education. This has become one of the effective feedback mechanism of KIU performance.

Student Leave Policy

A written application for leave must be made to the chairman or head of department concerned. Leave is permitted for up to seven days at a time but is regarded as a privilege not a right and will only be granted for emergencies, serious illness and like wise. An overall attendance rate of 75% must be achieved to be eligible to sit in university examinations.

Code of Conduct

Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations of KIU now in force and those issued or amended from time to time. The University expects and will demand honesty of its students. Unethical behavior during examinations or elsewhere will result in irrevocable dismissal from the University, and will be considered serious social misconduct or infractions of civil or criminal laws.

Other causes for dismissal may include: submitting false evidence; stealing; willful destruction of equipment, furnishings or property; physical violence against other students, faculty or staff; use of drugs; possess and carrying fire arms, violence of the civil rights of others; organization of civil disturbances; and non-payment of tuition and other fees without a valid reason.

Protracted absence without permission from classes, laboratories and other scheduled programs or the inability to cope with the curriculum shall also be a cause for dismissal.

In all matters pertaining to the selection of students, fees, grants, evaluation of scholastic performance, prizes and awards, discipline and student affairs, the decision of the university shall be final.

The university will be justified to call law enforcing agencies in dealing with matters of civil disturbance, willful destruction of university property or violence against its members. The law of the land will be allowed to take its course in such matters.


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