Sports week 2018


Sports committee of the university under the supervision of provost, organized sports week in which interdepartmental sports competitions were held. All the departments enthusiastically participated in it and won a number of titles. Faculty of the respective departments also participated with full zeal and zest. Students, faculty members all were seemed busy in striving for one cause; to win maximum titles for their department.


Giving a start to the events an inauguration ceremony was arranged with colors and music fused with enthusiasm and high spirits of the players. The chief Guest for the Opening ceremony was Dr. Khalil Ahmed Vice Chancellor KIU and the Chief Guests for the closing ceremony was Minister Youth culture and Sports Mr. Fida Khan. The events started from 02April, 2018 and lasted till 09April, 2018. Male Events included; Football, Cricket, volleyball, Basketball, and Table Tennis. Female events included; Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and 100mater race. In male events as always cricket remained the most thrilling and exciting match. The final match of cricket was played between Environmental Sciences Dept. and Earth Sciences Earth Department and the day was carried by Earth Sciences Dept. Business Management and Computer Sciences reached the final match of Football and Business Management succeeded in winning the title. Another spine-tingling match was of volleyball and its final was played between Earth Sciences and Computer Sciences and Earth Sciences succeeded in winning the title.


Media Sciences and Business Management reached the final match of Basketball and Business Management succeeded in winning the title. In table tennis match singles played between Computer Sciences and Business Management Computer Sciences got 1st position. Cricket Match was also played between Management and KIU Faculty members and it was won by the KIU Management Team. In table tennis match between faculty and management team got 1st position.

The significant feature of this sports week is the passionate involvement of the females in different events; cricket, volleyball, Badminton single and double and athletics. In cricket a gripping final match was played between the Departments of Computer Sciences and Food Sciences. Departments of Computer Sciences succeeded in attaining the winner title. A breath taking final match of volleyball was played between the department of Behavioral Sciences and Department of Biological Sciences, Behavioral Sciences succeeded in winning the trophy. In Athletics 100 Meter Race Behavioral Sciences Student Ms. Hina Mashgool got 1st position, Department of Behavioral Sciences Ms. Afsana Faraz got 2nd0position. In table tennis singles Food Sciences Department student Ms. Sumera got 1st position, department of Educational Development student Ms. Mehrin got 2nd position.


In Badminton Singles Mathematics Department student Ms. Hina Mashghool got 1st position, Department of Behavioral Sciences student Ms. Huma Jahangir got 2ndposition. In Badminton Double Behavioral Sciences Department students Ms. Hina Masghool and Ms. Huma Jahangir got 1st position, Department of Computer Sciences students Ms. Sarina and Ms. wajiha got 2nd position.


Over all the number of Titles received male and female by the Departments are as follow:

Boys                                       Girls

Winner    Runner-up     Winner      Runner-up

  • Behavioral Sciences     (03)         (02)
  • Business Management (02)
  • Earth Sciences               (02)
  • Computer Sciences (01)                (01)           (01)                  (01)
  • Mathematics (01)
  • Food Sciences        (01)                 (01)
  • Environmental Sciences (01)
  • Biological Sciences                                (01)
  • Educational Development         (01)




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Deputy Director Sports KIU

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