World Environment Day 2016 Celebrations Organised By The Department of Environmental Sciences, KIU.

World Environment Day 2016 Celebrations Organized By The Department of Environmental Sciences, KIU.

The intensifying human population is on one side approaching the skies of progress humiliating the natural environment on another side. In such times the awareness to protect the environment is inevitable.

To create awareness among masses the world environment day is celebrated worldwide on 5th of June each year. The purpose of marking the day is to point out the harmful acts being done by man which spoil environ at large extent causing pollution, climate change and disasters etc. so to halt them from doing this again. In order to carry out the responsibility, The department of Environmental sciences KIU mark the day in Musharraf hall carrying the title “Go wild for life”.

The session was attended by an enormous number of student and faculty members. The student via speeches, poetry and models disseminated their message to protect environment among the audience. Addressing the program the Head of Department Environmental sciences Dr. Ghulam Raza said” The efforts are needed by each individual of society to ameliorate the condition of the environment. He added that the student of environmental sciences should play their pragmatic role in a practical field to conserve environ. The event’s coordinator Dr. Shaukat Ali said that such informative events could disseminate awareness to the grass root level which is indispensable to halt people from doing wrong to the environment. He ended his comments by thanking all who are the reason of successful event. At the end of the event, students did a campaign ”Clean walk” in the campus giving the message of a clean environment to the campus fellows.
Dr. Shaukat Ali
Event Coordinator
Dept. Env. Sciences, KIU

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