Provost Office

Dr. Manzoor Ali

Dr. Manzoor Ali

Designation: Provost

Phone: 05811-960011-137


Message from Provost Desk

The Office of Provost and Proctorial System supports the “vision and objectives” of KIU in concert with a group of senior faculty members and elected student representatives of KIU. The Office of Provost provides an enabling space and resources to promote the university’s “values” .

The Provost serves as KIU’s chief academic officer, who is exclusively and directly deals with student affairs, including Chairman of the University Students Disciplinary Committee, Achievement Awards, Supervision of Canteens, Hostels, Transport and Shopping Mall. This office works closely with the University’s academic and administrative leaders۔


Dr. Manzoor Ali , Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Chief Proctor

Dr. Sartaj Ali, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Technology

Staff Proctor

  1. Dr. Ghulam Raza, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences
  2. Dr.Aftab Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Computer Sciences
  3. Dr.Abdul Razaq, Assistant Professor Biological Sciences
  4. Dr. Sher Wali, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages
  5. Mrs.Humaira Mujeeb, Lecturer, Behavioral Sciences
  6. Mr.Muhammad Zafar, Lecturer, Modern Languages

Terms of Reference for Provost staff at KIU

  • Promote the success of students at KIU by providing enrichment programs, counseling guidance, orientation, and support.
  • Enforce discipline and control behavior issues and acts indiscipline in the student community.
  • Promote parents-teacher relationship.
  • Facilitate extra-curricular activities amongst the student’s community through students club and societies.
  • Maintaining liaison between the University and the district Administration/Provincial Government to effectively control disturbances and law and order situation on the campus.
  • Address all the security concerns of the University.

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