Independence Day of Pakistan Celebrations

Independence Day of Pakistan Celebrations

Independence Day of Pakistan on 14th August was observed at KIU main campus. The program was started with flag hoisting by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan and Dean Life Sciences Prof. Dr. Arif un Nisa Naqvi followed by liberation of two pigeons. On the occasion, a ceremony was held in Musharraf Hall where Faculty, staff, and students were present.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Khalid Amin. Mr. Shahnawaz presents Naat. Some local poets were also invited to recite their patriotic poetry. The very first poet was Mr. Raza Tabish an alumnus of KIU whose poetry was appreciated by the audience. Mr. Amjad Sagar was the next poet whose poetry was appealing and admired very well by the audiences.

The last poet and the faculty member of KIU Mr. Aziz ur Rehman Mallangi came forward to entertain the audience with his local Shina Poetry which was also loved by the audience. After the poetry session, participants came forward to deliver their respected speeches. Mr. Zafar Ali student of Chemistry department delivered his speech with great energy and enthusiasm. Ms. Asiya Wahab student of Environmental Sciences delivered her speech on the importance of the independence of the nation which was applauded.

The last speech delivered by Ms. Zohra Bano student of Biological Sciences. Her powerful speech also won the hearts of all the audience. To further energize the program, some students also sung the national songs which entertained the audience. Mr. Rovaid Iqbal, Mr. Rashid Hussain, and Ms. Abeeda Parveen sang melodious songs which further beautified the essence of the whole program. As local dance is the identity of Gilgit-Baltistan was also being performed by the little boy Mr. Mushaf Mehdi with a local song.

The whole hall stood up to applause the performance of a boy. At the end of the program, the chief guest of this auspicious event Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan came on the stage and delivered a speech on the Independence Day of Pakistan by emphasizing the role of university students in building a great nation. He laid emphasis on the students to participate actively in learning skills as well as to get the knowledge to compete for the entire world and to become the proud cadre of the nation. The hosts of the event were Syed Mujtaba Hassan department of Modern Languages and Faiza Ali department of Biological Sciences.

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