CPEC Center for Research on CPEC

University has established the  “Center for Research on CPEC”. Given the profound importance of CPEC, understanding its implications and fashioning appropriate development policies is the sine qua non for the policymakers. In an era where evidence-based policymaking is the hallmark of successful governments, the scarcity of research and data poses a significant challenge to understanding CPEC’s benefits, let alone channeling them into development.  Center for Research on CPEC wou­ld fill that gap be carrying out baseline studies and thus generating data for the researchers to investigate the implications of CPEC.

Saranjam Baig

Saranjam Baig, PhD

Besides directing the newly established “Center for Research on CPEC” at KIU, Dr. Baig is also chairing the Department of Economics. He holds a PhD in Economics and Politics from Claremont Graduate University in Greater Los Angeles. Development Economics and Policy is his major concentration in economics whereas in politics, his specialization is public policy. Saranjam has been teaching economics and public policy as an adjunct professor at the University of La Verne, California for last two years.  He also holds an MA degree in Economics from Claremont Graduate University in the US and an MS degree in Development Studies from the University of Glasgow, Scotland UK.  Dr. Baig also writes editorial columns, although intermittently, for Daily Dawn, a leading English newspaper in Pakistan.

He has extensive research expertise in poverty, human development, institutions and political economy. His MS thesis at the University of Glasgow explored new insights into the multidimensional poverty in Central Hunza, which was supervised by Sabina Alkire who is currently heading the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) at the University of the Oxford. Dr. Baig has attended several academic conferences and workshops. Conspicuous among them is his participation in a two weeks workshop on poverty and development measurement techniques at the Technical University of Delfts in Netherlands.

  1. Thematic Area: Natural Hazards
  2. Thematic Area: Bio-Diversity and Conservation
  1. Thematic Area: Environmental Issues
  • Theme Lead: Professor Dr. Khalil
  1. Thematic Area: GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Aftab Ahmed Khan
  1. Thematic Area: Economy and Trade
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Saranjam Baig
  1. Thematic Area: Businesses, Marketing, and SMEs
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Saranjam Baig
  1. Thematic Area: Social Development
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Sadiq Hussain
  1. Thematic Area: Agriculture and Food
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Sartaj Ali
  1. Thematic Area: Businesses, Simulation, and Modeling
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Asad Ullah
  1. Thematic Area: ICT
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Sabit Rahim
  1. Thematic Area: Silk Route: Culture, Heritage
  • Theme Lead: Dr. Tasawar Baig
  1. Thematic Area: Conflicts and Indigenous Rights
  • Theme Lead: Mr. Sultan Abbas

Coming Soon….

Coming Soon….

  • Center for Research on CPEC. Karakoram International University, Gilgit.
  • Tel: +92 5811 960011-15 Ext: 199, 183, 120

Minutes of the First Meeting

During the first meeting of the CPEC research group held on December 13, 2016, at KIU
Conference Room, chaired by Prof. Dr. Asif Khan Vice Chancellor KIU, it was decided to
formally initiate a center with the specific agenda to study CPEC-related issues/outcomes in the
context of Gilgit-Baltistan.


On the recommendation of the faculty’s CPEC research group and in anticipation approval of statutory bodies, the Vice Chancellor is pleased to approve the establishment of ”Centre for Research on CPEC” at Karakoram International University.

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