Directorate of Public Relations

Mr. Amjad Ali

Designation: Director Public Relations

Phone: 05811-960010 Ext. 220


Director’s Message

To be connected with society is inevitable for any organization to flourish. The furtherance in information technology has absorbed more attention towards this importance. The introduction of Public Relations Directorate at Karakoram International University aims at building its images as a leading stakeholder in various fields of the society. Moreover, the world is taking courses as time goes and therefore we have to keep the pace with it. The ara of fifth-generation warfare and artificial intelligence are about to dominate our society. Therefore in the forthcoming period, Public Relations Directorate has a leading role to play in keeping not only the youth of KIU but also the upcoming generations of Gilgit-Baltistan apprised of new interventions in the society.

Functions of PR Directorate

  • Maximize university presence on various sources o media i.e. Electronic, print and social media.
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with media and influential professionals.
  • Arrange interviews and press release to promote the stature of KIU
  • To keep the youth of KIU aware of new interventions in society through documentaries and promos.
  • Ensure students participation in disseminating KIU motives and objectives.
  • Organize social and traditional events to embolden the leading role of KIU in society.
  • To project a soft image of KIU through the introduction of souvenir shops at different campuses.
  • To publish the monthly and half-yearly magazine.
  • To operate KIU own FM and Youtube Channel to provide quick and fast information.

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