Message From Chancellor


I wish to compliment the vice chancellor, the faculty, the staff the students of the Karakoram international University, Gilgit-Baltistan on the eve of commencement of its new academic session.
The start of the new academic session is an important day in the life of any institution of learning. It is a day joint declaration both the teacher and the taught that together they strive to achieve greater and the greater heights and bring glory both to their institution, the community, and the country.
The Karakoram international University is a new seat of higher education. Like all new enterprises, it too must be facing daunting challenges of growth and consolidation. I am confident that together the administration, the faculty and students of KIU will rise to the occasion in meeting the challenges and make this institution a great center of excellence in the years to come.
The worth of an academic institution lies not in how impressive its buildings are. It lies in how committed and dedicated its faculty and students are. I would, therefore, urge everyone associated with this university to strive to produce quality graduates. The battle of life cannot be won with wooden armor. Cheap and unearned degrees are no substitute for the quality education. Our students must be provided quality education to steer their way in life and find a respectable place in this competitive world. I have no doubt that the KIU will earn a name in imparting quality education.
The KIU is strategically located to serve as a meeting ground for students and academicians from countries of the region including Central Asian, Afghanistan, and China for intellectual exchanges. As such it has a great potential to bring the people of the region closer together and thereby promote peace and understanding.
As the first university in the region, KIU enjoys a unique and unrivaled status. No matter how many universities are built in the region in the future the KIU will always be remembered as the first that was built to spread the light of education and enlightenment. It is now for the faculty and the students of this University to make it a truly first class institution in all respects. I urge you to chart high your goal and to be lifted towards it by your dreams.
It is reassuring that the KIU is an equal opportunity intuition. It will enable to women of the region to play their due role in the uplift of the community. We cannot ignore our women from playing their role in the development of their homes and community. The government is determined to encourage women to participate in the task of national development.
I wish you all greater success and glory in the years ahead.

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