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Karakoram University Business Incubation Centre (KUBIC) is a project of HEC to encourage universities to impart basic entrepreneurial thinking to the students while they are studying. Soon after its inception by the end of 2015, KUBIC established linkages with leading NGOs of the area working on the similar themes and started programs related to Entrepreneurship with a focus on creating an entrepreneurial eco-system in the university. KUBIC is now actively engaged with the students and market actors through seminars, consultative workshops, and training programs.


To transform the socio-economic conditions of the mountain communities through the spirit of entrepreneurship


To train the future generation of entrepreneurs in Gilgit-Baltistan by providing required skills in a conducive environment
that fosters creativity and innovation



Physical Support:

Incubates will be provided furnished offices with the following facilities:Internet access
Dedicated telephone line.
Photocopy, printing, and mailing via courier.
Conference room facilities equipped with multi-media
Display of company’s profile on KIU/BIC website
Kitchenette/ Canteen services for tea, coffee, meals, and soft drinks.
Business and Professional Support ServicesAccess to KIU library and digital resources.
Networking opportunities within KIU.
Support in marketing through website and use of KIU/BIC name.
Provide guidance and mentorship through professionals and specialized consultants.
Identification of various funding options for incubates.
Advisory services in business plans formulation, marketing strategies, project selection, etc.
Training on the basics of entrepreneurship.
Advice in legal and financial consultancy

Izzat Bibi,( Co-Founder, and CEO)



Izzat Bibi, Co-Founder, and CEO of Chkar.com hold master’s degree in Physics and after two years of her job, she decided to make a transition in career path. She worked to polishing her entrepreneurial skills and experience to start her own tourism business. Consequently, she launched it with the name Chkar Lodging and Experiences with the brand name chkar.com in May 2018.
Chkar.com is an online marketplace that provides travel facilitation services, mainly in Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan. We have a network of verified rentals, which we connect with our guests as per their requirements. In addition to accommodation, Chkar.com also arranges transportation services, cultural experiences, tour guides etc. as required by the guests. We attempt to bridge the gap between tourists and locals by encouraging the stay of tourists in rentals
which are mostly homes of locals. Our focus is on two main areas:
• Providing earning opportunities to locals of tourist destinations by giving them a platform to raise income by renting extra rooms, homes to tourists.
• Giving a unique travel experience to tourists by enabling them to interact with local culture closely


Afaq Ahmed (Founder)


The Apricot Incorporation

The founder of the Appricot Incorporation is excited about the future. Its a business having excellent growth in 4 years, he was much happy to look back and share his views about the Business Incubation Centre – Karakoram International Unversity Gilgit.
“I had always dreamed of doing something different in my life, said the CEO of Incorporation. When I was the in the last semister of my graduation, I studied Enterpreneurship as a subject that helped me to think of doing my own business. My Friends were busy in preparing their CVs whereas, I registred with the Business Incubation Centre (BIC) at Karakoram International University by looking into a banner which was about “Be Your own Boss“. I visited BIC and shared my idea of boasting up the locally dried fruit to grow organically and dry with the dryers to avoid dust. BIC not only facilitated me by offering me various training and mentoring but also gave me a space that I have used as a lauching pad for my business. From this platform, I won a couple of business plan competitions that boosted my commitment to my busines idea. Alhamdulillah, Now, I am in the market with my Yummy and delecius dry fruit products with two other partners and 50 local farmers of Gilgit and Skardu. ”
As per Mr. Afaq, BIC played a key role in shaping his career path and supported along the way through thick and thin to make his business successful.

Injleen Fatima (Founder)


Leeza Crafts

The founder of Leeza Crafts, Injleen is much excited having experience with women and her future which creats more intrest and hard work. She shares her experience of incubation and out comes from the Businsess Incubation Centre.
According to Injleen, BIC- KIU and it‘s team is doing an excellent job.
She said, “the single most important thing Business Incubation Centre is that it gave her the confidence”.
Injleen, being a housewife with two girls wanted to do more along with her studies at KIU. She started her Maseter degree at the University where she came to know about BIC and the facilties available for potential entrepreneurs. She visited BIC and discussed her story with the staff along with her business background and business idea of the handicrafts. BIC staff registerd her from where she got extensive trainings and workshops. She raised herself to work with other house hold women who have low income level and are facing many social problems in coming out of their homes for earnings. She started working with only 5 women initially. Now she has 250 women in contact. On average, each women earn approximately 10,000 per person. Injleen herself earns herself 50 to 60 thousand Rupees net profit per month after 1 and half years of her business.
BIC does a really great job, said Injleen. “They like to hear out your idea no matter what your plan is or what we want and then they just provide us with a set of tools, best practices of preparing for the pitching in competitions and through which i was chosen for the exposure and enterpreneurial visit to Oregon state of United State America for one month. It was a mind blowing experience which built my business linkages and broadened horizen in new tips to put in my creations of craft. My craft products are cross stiched cussions, wall hangers, carpet shoes, dupatta stiches, shirt stiches, soafa stiches, bed sheets varieties, and hand made bags etc. A group of associated women use to work the raw product and then stiched back by another group of women and her payments make their life much easir in their daily activities.

An advisory committee is already constituted to track progress against the stated goals.

The advisory committee involves following members

  • Vice-Chancellor KIU
  • Enterprise Development expert
  • Director BIC

Dr. Ifzal ( Director Oric)

Mr. Muhammad Ilyas (Director BIC)

Mr. Imran Shams ( Accelerate Prosperity)

Mr. Waqar Abbas ( Accelerate Prosperity)

Representatives of Incubating Universities,  Mega business owners and entrepreneurial Banks.

  • Director
  • Manager BIC
  • Office Assistant
  • G-II

Please contact

Dr. Ifzal Ahmed
Director of Business Incubation Centre

Sumara Shaheen
Manager Business Incubation Centre
Karakorum International University
Near Shopping Centre KIU


Mr. Aamir Seemab 

Office Assistant

Telephone No. : 920011-289/ 243

Email: bic@kiu.edu.pk


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