Message from Vice Chancellor


It is an honor for me to become the 5th Vice Chancellor of KIU and joining the esteemed KIU family of faculty, staff, students, and graduates. I welcome you to Karakorum International University (KIU) and appreciate your selection for a better and brighter future with us. Universities and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) have three major objectives in a society. Firstly; disseminating high-quality knowledge. Secondly, undertaking cutting-edge research on the problems & issues faced by the world and society as well as using this knowledge for developing cost-effective, sustainable solutions and creating competitive advantage. This is often called “Knowledge Economy”.  In this knowledge economy, the role of emerging technologies, information sciences, and human behavioral sciences are supposed to play very dominant roles. Thirdly; providing vision and direction to the society, to face the challenges of future.

KIU as per its vision is committed to social development and evolution of peaceful and pluralistic societies in the mountainous region of Gilgit Baltistan (GB). As the gateway to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the region is moving to a new era of economic development. KIU as the first Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the region has been providing the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) to its graduates to enable them to harness the opportunities at regional, national and global levels.

KIU is poised to play its leading role to propel the GB into the knowledge-driven economy for socio-economic development and improving lives of the people. The young minds will be groomed through innovative and creative thinking, which will have the enthusiasm to make difference and stride confidentiality into future and become torchbearers for prosperity, success, and development of the region. To achieve these goals KIU will focus on the following

  • Improving the quality and standards of all programs consistent with the requirements of Accreditation Councils/HEC Quality Assurance Agency
  • Fostering research culture and strengthening the undergraduate and graduate programs, with the high focus in the challenges posed by Mountainous region of GB
  • Strengthening Engineering and Technology Education in the region
  • Strengthening the infrastructure including physical and technological both at the Main Campus and sub Campuses for better education and research
  • Establishing and Developing new departments and programs on the basis of market demands and employers‘ expectations, with special reference to emerging needs under CPEC
  • Improving and strengthening the Students and Employees Support Services, thereby making KIU a better place for higher education, research and work
  • Collaboration with national and international organizations of high repute in the areas of research, staff and students exchange and joint workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Connecting graduates with the national and international organization through their real-time career counseling and mentoring including their internship, placement with strong relations with KIU Alumni
  • Strengthening of KIU-Business Incubation Centre with focus on entrepreneurial education, training and establishing new Startups.
  • Making KIU a technology smart paperless University, where all operations and students services, from registration to graduation will be automated…….

We are consistently improving the quality of our undergraduate and graduate programs under the Faculties of Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Social Sciences & Humanities. The faculty and staff are working hard with the values of merit, teamwork, individual commitment and mutual respect. We hope that with the support of our senior management, peers, mentors, students and their parents, we will become one of the leading Universities in Pakistan very soon`  Insha Allah.

On behalf of Faculty and Staff, I invite you to join this elite hub of academic excellence, which provides an ideal environment for exploring new frontiers and incubation of innovative ideas.

May Allah SWT enable us with divine wisdom to educate and develop our youth to face the challenges of the modern world and take Pakistan to a new destiny of excellence – Ameen

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