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Message From Provost Desk


The Office of Provost and Proctorial System supports the “vision and objectives” of KIU in concert with a group of senior faculty members and elected student representatives of KIU. The Office of Provost provides an enabling space and resources to promote the university’s “values”.

The Provost serves as KIU’s chief academic officer, who is exclusively and directly deals with student affairs, including Chairman of the University Students Disciplinary Committee, Achievement Awards, Supervision of Canteens, Hostels, Transport, and Shopping Mall. This office works closely with the University’s academic and administrative leaders۔

Terms Of Reference For Provost Staff At KIU

  • Promote the success of students at KIU by providing enrichment programs, counseling guidance, orientation, and support.
  • Enforce discipline and control behavior issues and acts indiscipline in the student community.
  • Promote parents-teacher relationship.
  • Facilitate extra-curricular activities amongst the student’s community through student club and societies.
  • Maintaining liaison between the University and the District Administration/Provincial Government to effectively control disturbances and law and order situation on the campus.
  • Address all the security concerns of the University.

Eye Hygiene Workshop and Free Eye Screening Test

Speech & Debating Society KIU organized another houseful, informative and beneficial event for all KIU families today, on the 27th of November 2019. This event was organized with the notion of the Eye Hygiene Workshop and Free Eye Screening Test. This Eye Hygiene Workshop and Free Eye Screening Test will last till the end of this week for all KIU family.

This event includes:

  • Three Hours of Workshop on Eye Hygiene
  • Screening Test.

Opening Session:

The honorable Guests and Speakers who gave this session a successful ending include:

  • Syeda Lubna Kanwal (Optometrist specialized from King Edward Medical College Lahore)
  • Syed Irshad Kazmi (Chairman of Blind Association Gilgit Baltistan)
  • Manzoor Ali (Provost KIU)
  • Amjad (Director of Student Development & External linkages)
  • Syed Zia Ullah Shah (Assistant Professor at Department of Linguistics & Literature)
  • Muhammad Idrees (Convener Speech & Debating Society)
  • Syed Fakhar Ul Hassan (President Speech & Debating Society)
  • Ammar (Lecturer Department of Business Management)
  • Fatima Ali (Visiting Lecturer at Department of International Relations)

The program began with the recitation of a few verses of Holy Quran and Naat-e-Rasool-Maqbool (SAWW) recited by students. With the name of Allah and Admiration of his beloved Prophet (SAWW) the program started. A short Documentary was played which was on the life of Mr. Syed Irshad Kazmi and his struggle. He was invited to share his views about how to be like a Physically Challenged Person.

He shared his experience about the difficulties he has faced in his life. Mr. Kazmi said, every person has many abilities but some people face physically and mentally challenged situations. He mentioned his example that he has vision disability but he’s fully functional, satisfy and happy from his life. He thinks Allah gave him a chance to work for the disable people of our society and he feels proud to work for them and to help the Challenged people to spend a normal life by grooming their skills.” He also stated that’’ many of the challenged people commit suicide attempts because they feel that neither someone loves nor make friends with them because they are Challenged, which is not a fair thing. He is a good motivational speaker for youth.

Dr. Syeda Lubna Kanwal delivered a Presentation on Eye Hygiene. She started by telling about human eye structure, discussed eye disease, their types, causes, and prevention. She described a different types of diseases like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, and Presbyopia. These eye diseases cause damage to our eye focus, weakens the eyesight, hardening of the eye lens and result in the destruction of eye vision. She also added information regarding physical treatment, diet, and precautions for a healthy eye vision.

She further Added

  • To take short rest for eyes before focusing on something on a computer or mobile.
  • Good sitting style during books reading i.e. don’t read a book too close.
  • Take a healthy diet like vegetables which are helpful for eye visioning.

After her presentation, Dr. Kanwal very professionally answered the questions by the audience. (the KIU students).

Souvenirs Distribution:

The session ended with presenting the admiration gifts to the guests and Doctors.

The successful session finished at 12:00 am and S&D society’s president invited the guests for the refreshment. After the session, the eye screening test started.

Training Workshop and Free Eye Screening Test:

The first day was very successful, more than 150 students from different departments participated in a free eye screening test to examine their eye vision. More than 50% of students who participated in the vision test are suffering from weak eyesight. Volunteers of S&Ds KIU worked the whole day along with doctors and technicians till evening 4:00 pm. The screening test would continue on 28th and 29th November.


All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest at PAF Risalpur on 18- 23rd November 2019

KIU Speech & Debating Society participated in All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest at PAF Risalpur on 18- 23rd November 2019 with Mr.Idress Convener Speech & Debating Society under the supervision of the Provost Office

Other Activities

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