KBDS envisage contributing to a healthy, secure and safe society with the provision of certain health care and welfare platform for humanity in general and KIU family in particular.


KBDS strives to establish a blood supply chain for the people in need at the University campus building on philanthropic and core values stemming from humanity.


Our goals are to perform a critical role in healthcare by providing a safe, secure and cost-effective supply of blood to the needy people. KBDS will be recognized for saving and improving lives in our community with safe and reliable blood donations. KBDS blood donation society encouraged the youth to voluntarily donates blood to needed community


  1. The Blood Donor Society at KIU will comprise a team of highly motivated students, who maintain a complete data bank of donors that include volunteers from amongst the students, faculty, and staff of the university.
  2. KBDS will ensure timely blood donation in emergencies and as well as routine requirements.
  3. This society will create awareness of donating blood and health awareness program in KIU and different areas of GB
  4. To motivate students to donate blood
  5. To maintain a database of the students, faculty, and staff for donation blood
  6. To connects the needy ones to the donor who has been enlisted the database in the University or the vicinity where he or she live
  7. To encourage non-donors to be more willing to donate blood
  8. To mitigate fear among the students for donating blood
  9. The society will organize a time to time awareness sessions and seminars about the donation of the blood. So we will be able to communicate the masses, how to collect save and secure blood from the people to needy ones.

  1. An official who is the member of the provost committee will be a convener  of the KIU blood donor society
  2. The convener will constitute a committee of the students from various departments.
  3. The structure of the student’s committee is as follows
    • Convener       Dr. Akbar Khan
    • President      Shoaib Ahmed
    • Vice president
    • General secretary
    • Information secretary

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