Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the three main faculties of Karakoram International University. It was established to pursue higher education and research in individual fields of natural science. The central mission of Faculty of Natural Sciences is to train and educate successful scholars, scientists, and responsible citizens.

Our dedicated faculty members and strong research programs enable students to become vital participants in the scientific process while preparing to contribute actively and skillfully in a world where knowledge of science and technology has become the standard.
Each of our department has strong undergraduate and graduate programs that offer Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees.

The department of Mathematics and Statistics offers Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees also. The faculty also provides courses for the Core Curriculum of almost all the other department as part of the general education component required of all students graduating from the University.

About 40 highly qualified and dedicated faculty members are engaged in teaching and research training of students. The Faculty of Natural Sciences carries out research in all traditional scientific disciplines, It equips graduates with solid academic and research skills and gives them the ability to succeed in the marketplace. The faculty is committed to promoting the interdisciplinary research culture in the University.


Department of Computer Sciences Dr. Aftab Ahmed View Details
Department of Earth Sciences Dr. Javed Akhtar Qureshi 0092-5811-960010-114 javed.akhter@kiu.edu.pk View Details
Department of Mathematical Sciences Dr. Asad Ullah 0092-3465109461 Ext.226 dr.asadullah@kiu.edu.pk View Details
Department of Mining Engineering Engr. Dr. Asif Khan 92-5811-960010 ext.284 engr.asifkhan@kiu.edu.pk View Details
Department of Physics Manzoor Ali 92-05811-960011-137 manzoor.ali@kiu.edu.pk View Details
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