1st International Conference on Climate-Induced Natural Disaster and Mitigation

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Natural hazards are posing a substantial risk to sustainable development around the globe. With the onset of climate change, the frequency and intensity of natural hazards are on the rise, specifically in the mountainous terrains with significant impacts on the communities and infrastructure.  This conference intends to bring together the scientific community, practitioners and policymakers for the exchange of knowledge, experience and information to contribute to sustainable natural disaster risk reduction.

  • Hydrometeorological hazards
  • Geohazards
  • Cryosphere and associated hazards
  • Climate change and its potential impacts
  • Environmental hazards
  • Disaster risk reduction and mitigation

30-31 October, 2023

  1. Dr. Mark van der Meijde ,University of Twente, The Netherlands
  2. Dr. Guy Howard, University of Bristol. UK
  3. Prof. Dr. Peng Cui, Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  4. Kejie Chen, Southern University of Science and Technology, China
  5. Muhammad Shafique, NCEG, University of Peshawar
  6. Dr. Najam Abbas Naqvi, Chairman, NCGSA
  7. Prof. Bishal K. Sitaula, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
  8. Arun Bakhta Shrestha, ICIMOD


Conference Patrons:

  • Prof. Dr.  Atta Ullah Shah, VC, KIU
  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Idrees, VC, University of Peshawar

Conference secretary:

  • Dr. Karamat  Ali
  • Dr Asadullah
  • Dr. Muhammad Shafique

Dr Karamat Ali

  • office: 05811 960010 Ext. 169
  • Mobile: 03555082925
  • Email : karamat.ali@kiu.edu.pk

Dr Asadullah

  • Office : 05811 960010 Ext. 226
  • Email: dr.asadullah@kiu.edu.pk

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