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Quality Education has always been the prime focus of Karakoram International University. KIU ensures quality in every dimension and manner whether it is to provide infrastructure and ancillary facilities to students or to develop intellect in them. To ensure the quality of education at KIU as per HEC directives, KIU QEC was established with the following Vision, Mission Statements, and Objectives.


“A Model Quality Assurance Step” at the university with standardized procedures and practices in higher education.


Karakoram International University resolves to guarantee its stakeholders that the quality of the university education is maintained and enhanced as per international standards, and procedures and protocols are regularly checked for transparency and objectivity in order to achieve quality enhancement.

  • To ensure quality education at the University under the umbrella of the Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission
  • To Identify and rectify the gaps hampering imparting quality education
  • To build the capacity of the faculty according to the modern lines
  • To establish the standard parameters for quality education, training, assessment, and evaluation
  • To identify the modern tools in teaching and research and incorporate them in the education system as and when needed.

Message from Vice-Chancellor

Quality is achieving or exceeding the expectations of the customers. For KIU, the quality of our education, research, and service delivery is a top priority. We believe that in line with the spirit of Total Quality Management (TQM), standards must be exhibited in all processes, projects, procedures, and people at KIU. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) has been established at KIU in line with the guidelines of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), Higher Education Commission (HEC), to assure quality at Main Campus and sub-campuses. Aligned with the academic and research standards provided by HEC, we are endeavoring to achieve the desired level of performance through rigorous pieces of training of the faculty & staff, internal & external reviews, and compliance to the standards provided by HEC, and accreditation councils for various professional degrees. KIU is regularly submitting the Self-Assessment Reports (SARs) and University Performance Reports (UPRs). All the professional programs at KIU are permitted and accredited by the respective accreditation council. The positive Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) of KIU, Review of graduate programs (MS/Ph.D.), and endorsement of our professional degrees exhibit the trust of respective bodies in our quality assurance efforts. Nevertheless, more stringent efforts are required in this direction.  

Quality is never a destination, rather it is a continuous journey of hard work and commitment, by all including faculty, management, staff, and students. Our dream is to enable our students to come to the expectations of the job market. Through Outcome-Based Education (OBE), we desire that their Knowledge Skills and Attitudes are developed for employability at national and global levels.

In the end, I appreciate the hard work of the QEC team for deploying, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) systems at KIU and advise all to provide all supports to further our quality and standards of teaching, research, and delivery of services.


Message from Director QEC

Karakoram International University has been striving to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality education and research since its establishment in 2002. The university is making all efforts to boost its standards through teaching excellence and quality research in a highly challenging environment besides being located at a hard and remote area where researchers and scholar’s least prefer to provide their services. It due to the great efforts of Honorable Vice Chancellor and researchers that the university graduates are providing quality services throughout the country. QEC is carrying out its utmost efforts with the involvement of the entire workforce to obtain the highest possible contentment of customers. Our endeavors are to make our students use for the region particularly and for the country generally. The QEC is successfully complying with the HEC requirements particularly the Self- Assessment of all programmes, the Review of Masters/Ph.D. programmes together with NOC of all such programmes started after November 2013 and onwards and conduct of the Institutional Performance Review (IPE) visit by the HEC Review Panel. The University has also established the QECs sections in all the three sub Campuses Diamer, Ghizer, and Hunza.  QEC sections have also been established in the affiliated colleges. All the undergraduate programmes of the University are accredited by the respective accreditation councils. Maintaining quality in teaching, research, learning, haring of faculty,
and purchasing quality material is a hectic and painful job but one who avoids pain does not get good results.

S/NO Name Designation From To
1. Dr. Asif Khan Additional Charge 02 June 2011 01 April 2012
2. Dr. Abdul Hameed Lone Additional Charge 02 April 2012 06 May 2014
3. Mr. Ghulam-ud-Din Director 07 May 2014 17 Dec 2014
4. Mir. Tazeem Akhter Director 18 Dec 2014 16 Oct 2018
5. Prof. Dr. Syed Moazzam Nizami Director 17 Oct 2018 06 Oct 2020
6. Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaq Director 07 Oct 2020 —————-

Outcomes-Based Education (OBE)
Training Session Organized by QEC with I.T team to Departmental Administrative Staff

Training/Awareness Session about Semester System and 4 Years Degree Programs
at Fatima Jinnah Degree College for Women Gilgit on 2nd March 2021

Phone No.: 0092-5811-960010-13 (ext. 135)

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 09 am to 05 pm


Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaq

Designation: Director

Phone: 05811-960064 ext: 269



Usman Ali

Designation: Assistant Director QEC (Diamer Campus)




Iqtidar Hussain

Designation: Assistant Director QEC (Ghizer Campus)/ Main Campus (Additional)




Ejaz Hussain

Designation: Assistant Director QEC (Hunza Campus)




AurangZeb Khurrem

Designation: Data Analyst QEC



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