Department of Psychology and Human Development

Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Phone: 05811-960049-168


The Department of Psychology and Human Development at Karakoram International University previously known as The Department of Behavioral Sciences was established in 2010 with a cognizance regarding the pertinence of the field of Psychology, thereby indigenizing this discipline in the majestic mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan. The department following the roots of its foundation focuses on the study of how the human beings think and behave, both as an individual and as group. The Department of Psychology and Human Development enables the students to analyze, comprehend and explain human behavior in multiple contexts.

The department of psychology and human development endeavors to enable the eager young aspirants in the field of Psychology with high quality teaching, standardized training and research skills to cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow, both locally and globally for a cohesive, productive and sustainable society.

The mission of the department is to produce psychologists who are well prepared both theoretically and practically on high ethical standards. Scholars who will prove to be effective both in research and in field, thereby promoting individual wellbeing and mental health for a community developmental impact.

Psychology Lab

Department of Psychology is in the process of establishing the first well equipped lab in the faculty of Arts and Humanities having psychological tests and equipment. Students can use psychological test for further learning about psychological phenomena and the scientific process, including research methods, practical applications, and ethics.

Psychology Clinic

With the other developments the Department of Psychology is not far from developing its own Psychology Clinic for Faculty members, Staff and Students of Karakoram International University Gilgit. The primary purpose of clinic is to provide a psychosocial support to the students and scholars of KIU particularly for stress management during their research work, studies and other issues that come by from time to time in life of a human being.

The clinic will provide a range of individual therapies. It will be a community-based outpatient facility program that provides a variety of psychological services (assessment, consultation & individual therapy) under the close supervision of the clinical faculty members called clinical supervisors and psychologists.

Psychology clinic will also provide the opportunity for clinical students to gain experience in treating clients under a managed-care model.

Commonly addressed Problems

 Depression  Anxiety  Stress
  Self-esteem  Self-exploration Assertiveness
 Family Discord  Sleep problems Learning problems
 Stress Loneliness Eating problems
  Work problems  Life changes Suicidal thoughts/feelings


Psychological Assessment

Psychology clinic will offers the psychological assessments for the psychological problems and the educational matters like Intelligence, Memory and Personality by using the scientific tests, self-report inventories and other rating scales.


After comprehensive assessment clinic provides services which include counselling,  psychotherapy (Evidence based) in general for those having psychiatric / psychological problems and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for selected patients, specifically having Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Eating disorder, Adjustment and Emotional Problems for young people, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Memory Disorder.


Psychology Clinic under the auspices of Department of Psychology will actively participate in research and scientific activities, conducting research on vital issues, reviewing literature and published articles.


Psychology Research Unit

Psychology Research Unit is also underway to be established to promote research activities in line with international best practices.

Degrees Offered


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