Department of Psychology and Human Development

Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Dr. Sadiq Hussain

Phone: 05811-960049-168


The Department of Behavioral Sciences at Karakoram International University focuses on the study of how the human being think and behave, both as an individual and as groups in different socio-cultural settings.

The core disciplines of Behavioral Sciences include Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology. The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers BS and M.Sc. programs at the main campus of KIU.

The department of Behavioural Sciences also contributes to the new multidisciplinary MPhil/ Master and Ph.D. program in Cultural Studies initiated by the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty. Undergraduate students can opt for the thesis in one of the core disciplines of Behavioural Sciences: psychology, anthropology, and sociology.

Students graduating in Behavioural Sciences will be able to comprehend, analyze, and explain human behavior in multidisciplinary contexts. Our goal is to prepare both scholars and practitioners by providing our students with knowledge that illuminates the individual and social determinants of human behavior as well as equipping them with applied skills for psychotherapy, counseling, mediation, policy-making, and socio-cultural consultancy.

Degrees Offered


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