Department of Media and Communication

Dr. Akber Ali

Phone: +92 5811 960066 (122)


The department of Media and Communication Studies established in 2010, promoting media and communication studies in the Gilgit-Baltistan.

The department aims at providing a unique opportunity to combine innovative media and communication studies with involvement in joint research projects, engaging prominent media. Department offers BS honors and MS (with special emphasis on Print and Electronic Media) in Media & Communication. Graduates can pursue their career in Print & Electronic Media as well as public relations departments, federal and provincial information departments, news agencies, advertising agencies, research institutions, media teaching institutions, and NGOs.

Department provides a unique blend of practical skills with critical analysis. The innovative type of education program aims at developing each student’s creative abilities. The courses are designed to meet existing professional standards as well as exploring ways in which creative ideas and new technologies can be combined, enhanced and redefined.

There are also courses aimed at media professionals and graduates seeking to build management career within the growing media and content industries. The department currently has two classrooms, one faculty office along with the professional camera.

Degrees Offered


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