5th Online Academic Council meeting

Academic Council Meeting

Following decisions have been made in 5th Online Academic Council meeting held on 15 June 2020

1. The Spring Semester 2020 will be started from 16 June on Blended Learning Model.

2. The fee shall be collected in 4 installments. 40% at the time of registration, 25% in July, 20% in August. The last installment of 15 % will be waived off to those students, who pay the 3 installments.

4. Students are advised to pay the first installment online and provide the proof of payment to HoD/Finance Departmenteptt by uploading the fee. They can register at LMS once they make payment. Students already registered at LMS are advised to pay the first installment. No student shall be considered if he/she fails to make the payment. His/her registration shall be removed from the system

4. The 3rd Semester Master students are also advised to follow the above instructions. The issue of their previous dues is under progress with Federal Govt and it will be decided later.

5. For better service to students, 6 hubs and 30 facilitation centers are being established across GB to provide them soft teaching, learning, and assessment material. The 6 main hubs are established at KIU main campus Gilgit, Hunza, Ghizer, Chilas, Skardu Coordination office, and KIU Islamabad office. The facilitation Centres shall be served through respective hubs.

6. KIU has given about 1000 scholarships of various amounts to students and 550 more scholarships are under process, making total grants of 1550 and amount of 8 Crores 78 Lacs

6. To save the academic year of students, KIU has launched the Blended semester after waiting for 4 months since March 2020 with the hope that Univ may open soon. But in the current scenario, this doesn’t look possible till the end of 2020.

7. 60 % of the assessment will be done during semester and for 40%, end semester exam will be arranged

8. Students who are not interested in continuing their studies in the blended model can freeze their semester but this can lead to delay of one year in their degree duration

8. No students will be promoted without registering payment of dues and passing all continuous assessment and final exams as per HEC policy.

9. All students are requested to visit further details at KIU website for further details and get registered as soon as possible. KIU team is ready to serve those students who urge to continue their education in this highly challenging environment due to COVID-19.

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