Meeting of Vice Chancellor with Chairman Senate Karakoram International University, detailed briefing on ongoing academic and research matters in the university, challenges facing the university including fees of master students and transfer of KIU board.


ISLAMABAD: Vice Chancellor of Karakoram International University Prof. Dr. Attullah Shah called on Chairman Senate Karakoram University Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Junaid Zaidi at Comsats Headquarter Islamabad. Chairman Senate assured that he would use all his experiences through the University Senate to play a role in the development of Karakoram University and make it an ideal university. During meeting Vice Chancellor gave a briefing on the education and research in the university in the last two years and the challenges facing the university, including the fees of master students and board transfers. The Chairman of the Senate thanked the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Chancellor of Karakoram University, Dr. Arif Alvi for electing him as the Chairman of Karakoram University Senate. Chairman senate also assured that together we would create more and more higher education and research opportunities for the poor and destitute students and bring them scholarships so that they would not be deprived of education due to financial difficulties. The Chairman Senate also commended the efforts of the Karakoram Graduate School for the promotion of higher education and research and the establishment of the International Colloquium, and pledged to provide further work and guidance in this regard. It is certain that Karakoram University will continue to make further progress by taking advantage of the experiences of the new Chairman Senate, Prof. Dr. Syed Muhammad Junaid Zaidi. And will be at the forefront of knowledge and research as the best university in the region.

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