Orientation Tour of BS-II Students Department of Forestry, Range and Wildlife Management, Karakoram International University

The Department of Forestry, Range and Wildlife Management, Karakoram International University (KIU), Gilgit places great importance to the learning environment and field exposure of students at all level. Field trips are described as student experiences outside of the classroom at interactive locations designed for educational purposes to provide firsthand experience,  stimulate interest and motivation in the subject, add relevance to learning and interrelationships, strengthen observation and perception skills, and promote personal (social) development.

Orientation Tour of BS-II Students

The Vice Chancellor, KIU, accorded approval to the orientation tour of BS-II students (42 number including 4 females). The main purpose of this tour was to introduce the newcomer forestry students to the flora and fauna of dry temperate area and exposure to forest environment. The tour took place from May 24-26, 2024 in the District Astore under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Hussain, Assistant Professor.

The first place of visit was at 3 Mountains Junction, Jaglot where the students were briefed on importance of mountains and their potential in environment amelioration and mountain ecosystem services. At Mushkin, they were apprised of wildlife habitat by detailed briefing by Ghulamullah, RFO, Astore Forest Division. A field exercise on flora and fauna identification of Astore area was also carried out by him there. The tour then led to Astore where Khursheed Alam, the Divisional Forest Officer, Astore Forest Division and Shah Nawaz, DFO, Diamer welcomed all the students and faculty with the field staff of Forest and Wildlife division. Senior Forest Officers briefed the students about history, management and ongoing development activities in Astore Forest Division. DFO (Wildlife) illustrated on protection and conservation of wildlife of the area with special significance of trophy hunting by involving local communities. An interactive session was also held where senior Forest Officers responded to the questions of the students on forests and wildlife.


On May 25, 2024, in early hours, the students were taken to Government Boys High School ground where an exercise of Marathon race by running strategy, covering 8 km in an hour was conducted on Olympic pattern for all the students. After that, the tour proceeded onwards to Gorikot, where Forest Model Nursery was visited. The field staff of Astore Forest Division welcomed the participants at Gorikot and briefed them on raising techniques of various fruit and timber plants and method of their care both in field and under tunnel system. The students appreciated the effort of the field staff of Astore Forest Division and the success of planting techniques in the Nursery. The DFO Wildlife also briefed the students on fauna of Astore Forest Division, their protection and conservation and success of Trophy hunting. He highlighted the role of local communities in protection of wildlife of the area.


The tour then proceeded to Igah where the RFO briefed the students on protection / fencing measures and success of regeneration in Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) area of the forest. It was a successful venture for Astore Forest Division and a learning opportunity for touring group. The tour reached Chilum where the RFO briefed the students on ecotone and Timberline concepts. The area onwards fall in subalpine zone where only shrubby growth and grasses prevail that attract the tourists attraction.

The students group thanked the accompanying staff of Astore Forest Division for their detailed briefing and providing learning opportunity for touring group. A representative from male and another from female students expressed vote of thanks to accompanying field staff. The touring group returned on May 26, 2024 and reached KIU safe with great knowledge and appreciation for field staff of Forest and Wildlife Department of Astore and great aspirations for future work.

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