Series of Seminars for students on Reading Related Diffculties at Tertiary Level

The Center for Faculty Development (CFD) at KIU has started series of seminars for the students of KIU in order to provide necessary guidance and techniques in terms of reading related-challenges at the tertiary level. Here, reading refers to those literature, book chapter, journal article, and research paper that an instructor assign for a particular class with this understanding that students will read the assigned reading before the classes. However, it has been noticed that number of issues prevent the students from engaging in active reading processes.  Therefore, the sessions are designed in such a manner where through an interactive approaches students are provided with in-depth information on such themes as importance of reading at the tertiary level, reading techniques/ strategies, factors preventing the students from reading, etc. Moreover, students are provided with knowledge of how they can overcome the challenges to complete their readings before class.

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