Directorate of Planning and Development


Mir Tazeem Akhtar

Designation: Director

Phone: 05811 960022


Karakoram International University, Gilgit, stands as the foremost higher education institution in Gilgit-Baltistan, making substantial contributions not only to the development of the region but also to the overall progress of Pakistan. Being well acquainted with the institution’s vision and the values inherent to the region, the Directorate of Planning and Development plays a pivotal role in shaping the courses aligned with the goals and aspirations of the institution.

Our primary objective is to prepare and facilitate developmental projects, schemes, and programs that contribute to the smooth functioning of the university. At the heart of our mission is the coordination and management of development funds, a pivotal aspect in fortifying the strength and progress of KIU. These endeavors are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of quality education and advanced research facilities.

The Directorate holds a key responsibility in assessing the needs for infrastructure development across all KIU campuses. To address these needs effectively, we formulate strategies, identify priorities, and prepare comprehensive development projects. This process involves active collaboration and communication within the university and with external institutions. Our aim is not only to meet these needs but to exceed expectations, creating an environment that fosters excellence in education and research.

As we embark on this journey, we understand the significance of garnering support and approvals from various forums. We actively engage in liaisons within the university and extend our efforts beyond its boundaries to seek the necessary approvals for our development projects. It is through this collaborative approach that we can ensure the successful realization of our initiatives.

We recognize that the strength of any academic institution lies in the collective efforts of its community. Therefore, we invite all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and the wider public, to actively participate in and contribute to our developmental endeavors. Your insights, suggestions, and support are invaluable as we work towards achieving our shared goals.

In the spirit of transparency and inclusivity, we encourage you to stay informed about our ongoing projects, achievements, and future plans through regular updates on our official website. Your engagement is crucial, and we believe that together, we can propel Karakoram International University to new heights of success and distinction.


Ensuring well-integrated planning and development processes to enable the university a leading institution of higher learning, meaningfully contributing to sustainable development, promoting knowledge economies and pluralistic societies in the mountainous regions of Pakistan and geographically similar landscapes across the globe


To facilitate, coordinate, and oversee the execution of integrated planning and development processes and activities.


Functions of the Directorate of Planning and Development:

Evaluate the current and future requirements in terms of physical, financial, and human resources for both the academic and administrative aspects of the university.

Identify viable projects aimed at fostering academic, physical growth, and the overall expansion of the university.

Develop comprehensive plans and project documents (PC-I) for the identified projects and schemes.

Securing support for the approval of development grant proposals from relevant government agencies such as the Higher Education Commission, Provincial Government, and others.

Create an Annual Works Programme and cash plan aligning with the university’s needs and the requirements of relevant bodies.

Support and guide faculty members in submitting projects to secure funding for research programs.

Establish and maintain effective liaison and coordination with provincial and federal government departments to seek project approvals and tie-in funding.

Facilitate the acquisition of land for the current and future expansion initiatives of the university.

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