Engr Muhammad Junaid

Engr Muhammad Junaid



Email: engr.junaid@kiu.edu.pk


  • Bsc Mining Engineering University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar
  • M.Phill(Geotechnics) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Best Postgraduate Award, awarded by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

  • Exploration Geophysics Applied Geophysics Rock Blasting Remote sensing Rock Mechanics

    • Recognition of boulder in granite deposit using integrated borehole and 2D electrical resistivity imaging for effective mine planning and development, Muhammad Junaid, Rini Asnida Abdullah, Radzuan Saa’ri, M. Alel, Wahid Ali
    • 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography an advance and expeditious exploration technique for current challenges to mineral industry, Muhammad Junaid , Rini Asnida Abdullah , Radzuan Sa'ari , Wahid Ali , Hafeez Rehman ,Usman Ghani, Mohd Nur Asmawisham Alel
    • Numerical evaluation of new Austrian tunneling method excavation sequences: A case study, Han-kyuYooa HafeezurRehman, Abdul Muntaqim Naji, Wahid Ali, Muhammad Junaid, Rini Asnida Abdullah
    • Efficiency analysis of seepage of Baz Ali small dam, Kurram Agency using clay blanket and cut-off wall with sand filter, Izwan Shah Arshad ullah, Azman Kassim, Ishtiaq Alam, Muhammad Junaid
    • Effect of particle morphology on mechanical behavior of rock mass, Naseer Muhammad Khan Kausar Sultan Shah, Mohd Hazizan bin Mohd Hashim, Muhammad Zaka Emad, Kamar Shah bin Ariffin, Muhammad Junaid
    • Muhammad Junaid [PDF] from iop.org Full View The effect of scanline direction and extent of rock exposure on assessment of geometrical properties of discontinuities in rock mass, W Ali, RA Abdullah, H Rehman, M Junaid
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