Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain

Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain



Email: ishtiaq.hussain@kiu.edu.pk

Status: ishtiaq.hussain@kiu.edu.pk

  • M.Sc(Organic chemistry) University of Karachi
  • B.Ed Karakoram International University
  • B.Sc University of Karachi
  • HSSC Board of Intermediate Education Karachi
  • SSC Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad
  • PhD (in progress) Shanghai University, Boashan Campus, Shanghai China.
  • Ph.D. (Material Chemistry)/ Nano- Materials Shanghai University, Shanghai China
  • Lecturer Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Lecturer Department of chemistry, Army Public School and College, Jutial Gilgit
  • PhD Scholar Shanghai University, Baoshan Campus, Shanghai, 20044 China
  • PhD student Shanghai University, Shanghai China
  • I am awarded Research scholarship from shanghai Government, Full scholarship A, to carry out research leading to PhD Degree from shanghai University
  • On the bases of student evaluation, and good results in chemistry and winning of all sports activities by Babor House, Which was i commended, i was given the best teacher award and commendation certificate by APS and C Jutial Gilgit.
  • I have been awarded Excellent Graduate Student Award  2017, by C-MRS (Chinese Material Research Society) on the basis of quality research work. I was presented my research work in this conference held from 08-12, 2017 in Yingchuan Hui city China.

  • I have been awarded International student of the year 2017 (Academic star award) by College of International Exchange, Shanghai University, Shanghai,200444 China. This award including four other co-criculum awards are given in each year on the basis of outstanding performance in criculum and co-criculum activites.

  • I have been awarded " Student of the Year 2017'' award by Shanghai Municipa Government scholarship (SGS), on the basis of 6 SCi articles published in good impact factor SCi Journals, druring  previous two years, 2016-2017.

  • Nanotechnology, Characterization and visualization of Metallic glasses, Electrochemical Deposition of Metals on MG Wires and their mechanical characterization
  • Phytochemical investigation.
  • Interdisciplinary fields inculding, Material Science, Material Chemistry, nanotechnology.

    Nanochemistry for Metal, Nanoelectrochemistry. Bulk Metallic Glasses

    • Analysis of minerals and vitamins in sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoids) pulp collected from Ghizer and Skardu districts of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pk, M. Hussain, S. Hussain, S. Awan, M. Hussain, I. Hussain, International journal of Biosciences | IJB | Vol 4, NO.12 P. 144-152, 2014 ISSN :2220-6655 (print) 2222-5234.
    • Strain-energy transport during fracture of metallic glasses., J. Li, Y. W. Wang, J. Yi, I. Hussain, R. Li, B. Zhang, G. Wang, Journal of compounds and alloys. 680, (2016), 43-53.
    • Rate dependent of strength in metallic glasses at different temperature, Y.W. Wang, X.L. Bian, S.W. Wu. I. Hussain, Y.D. Jia, J. Yi, G. wang, Sci Rep, 6, 27747; doi: 10.1038/srep 27747 (2016).
    • Strong grain-size effect on deformation twinning of Al10.1CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy., S.W. Wu, G. wang, J. Yi, Y.D. Jia, I. Hussain, Q. J. Zhai, P.K. Liaw. MATER. RES. LETT., 2016,
    • Cryogenic-temperature-induced structural transformation of a metallic glass, X. Bian, G. wang, Q. Wang, B. Sun, I. Hussain, Q. Zhai, J. Bednarcik, J. Ecker MATER. RES.LETT. 2016,.doi. org/10.1080/21663831. 2016. 1263687t
    • Cooling rate-dependent yield behavior of metallic glass wires, I. Hussain*, G. X. Tong1, G. Wang,, J.G. Wang, J. Yi, D.S. Zhang, Q.J. Zhai, Material science and Engineering A, 683, 2017, 236-243
    • Stick- slip dynamics in Ni62Nb38 metallic glass during nanoscratching., D.X. Han, G. Wang, J.L. Ren, L.P. Yu, J. Yi, I. Hussain, S.X. Song, H. Xu, K.C. Chan, K.P. Liaw, Acta Materilia, 136, 2017, 49-60
    • Structural evolution in metallic glass pillars upon compression, Material Science & Engineering A, 721 (2018) 8-13
    • Tensile behavior of Cu-coated Pd40Cu30Ni10P20 metallic glassy wire., Scientific Reports. 8 (2018) 5659
    • Effect of altitude on forest soil properties at northern Karakkoram,pk., Shamsher Ali, Ishtiaq Hussain, Shabir Hussain, Azhar Hussain, Haibat Ali.
    • Isolation of Lysozyme Producing Bacillus subtilis Strains, Identification of the New Strain Bacillus subtilis BSN314 with the Highest Enzyme Production Capacity and Optimization of Culture Conditions for Maximum Lysozyme Production, Muhammad Naveed, bHeTianyingab FenghuanWangab XianYinab Malik Wajid Hussain Chan, cAsadUllahabdBaocaiXuabSadarAslameNawazishAliab QamarAbbasf IshtiaqHussaing Ali KhanhAbdulMajeed Khanc.
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