Dr. Asif  Wali

Dr. Asif Wali



Email: dr.asifwali@kiu.edu.pk


  • PhD (Food Science and Engineering ) Jiangsu University , PR china
  • Research Assistant Karakoram International University, Gilgit Pakistan
  •  Food and Nutrition

    • Production
      • Quality assurance (manufacturing section)
      • Food safety and food quality management system

    • Functional food preparation
    1. Have worked as an intern for Six months in Haidri Beverages (PVT) Ltd, Pakistan.
    2. Have good understanding of HACCP as i have learned in semester.

    3. Concentration on Food Biochemistry

    4. Ethical Knowledge of Food processing

    5. Developed new products from concept to completion with an emphasis on flavor and performance
    6. Novel Food processing techniques

    7.  New product development

    8. Postharvest Techniques 

    • Enzymolysis reaction kinetics and thermodynamics of rapeseed protein with sequential-dual-frequency ultrasound pretreatment" , DOI:10.1111/ijfs.13555
    • Effects of multi-frequency ultrasound pretreatment on the enzymolysis, ACE nhibitory activity and the structure characterization of rapeseed protein", Asif Wali, Haile Ma, Rana Muhammad Aadil, Cunshan Zhou, Muhammad Tayyab Rashid, Xiao Liu
    • Preparation of rapeseed protein hydrolysates with ACE inhibitory activity by optimization and molecular weight distribution of hydrolysates, Asif Wali, Haile Ma, Muhammad Tayyab Rashid, Qui Fang Liang
    • Impact of Power Ultrasound on Antihypertensive Activity, Functional Properties, and Thermal Stability of Rapeseed Protein Hydrolysates, Asif Wali, Haile Ma, Muhammad Shahnawaz, Khizar Hayat, Jian Xiaong, and Li Jing
    •  Daily date vinegar consumption improves hyperlipidemia, ß- carotenoid and inflammatory biomarkers in mildly hypercholesterolemic adults, Zeshan Ali, Haile Ma, Asif Wali, Ishmael Ayim, Muhammad Nauman Sharif
    • Influence of Ultrasonic Pretreatment with Hot Air Drying on Nutritional Quality and Structural Related Changes in Dried Sweet Potatoes, Muhammad Tayyab Rashid,  Haile Ma,  Mushtaque Ahmed Jatoi, Malik Muhammad Hashim,  Asif Wali, Bushra Safdar
    • Preliminary study to evaluate the phytochemicals and physiochemical properties in red and black date's vinegar, Zeshan Ali, Haile Ma, Muhammad Tayyab Rashid, Asif Wali, Shoaib Younas
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