Dr.Alamdar Hussain

Dr.Alamdar Hussain

Designation: Assistant Professor

Phone: 03129242735

Email: alamdar.hussain@kiu.edu.pk

Status: TTS


  • PhD (Ecology & Dendrochronology) FUUAST Karachi, Pakistan


  • Research Officer Federal Urdu University, Karachi
  • Assistant Professor Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan


  • Phytosociology and structure of Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP) of Northern areas of Pakistan, applied sciences Journal, 9(12): 1443-1449.
  • Phytosociology and structure of some forests of Skardu district of Karakoram range of Pakistan, American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Eniviron. Sci., 9(5): 576-583
  • Standardized Tree Ring Chronologies of Picea smithiana from Two New Sites of Northern Area Pakistan, World Applied Sciences Journal, 11 (12): 1531-1536.
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  • Quantitative forests description of from Skardu, Gilgit and Astore Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan, FUUASTJ.BIOLOGY, 1(2): 149-160.
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