Dr. Jaffar Aman

Dr. Jaffar Aman

Designation: Assistant Professor

Phone: 03138855509

Email: jaffar.aman@kiu.edu.pk

Status: jaffar.aman@kiu.edu.pk

Jaffar aman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of sociology and anthropology at the Karakorum international university Gilgit. He received his Doctorate in Sociology (2019) and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Hohai University (2020 – 2022) Dr. Jaffar’s PhD research was focused on marital satisfaction His thesis dealt with the factors affecting marital satisfaction among Pakistani Muslim couples His key areas of interest includes, marital satisfaction, religiosity and social inequalities. Qualifications Postdoc. (Hohai University Nanjing China ) PhD in Sociology (Shanghai University China) Master in Political Science (Karakorum international university Gilgit) Master in Business administration (Karakorum international university Gilgit)

  • PhD Shanghai University China
  • Assistant Professor Karakorum international University Gilgit Main Campus
  • social inequalities ,Religious Sociology, medical sociology ,marital satisfaction,

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