Department of Chemistry


Dr. Iftikhar Ali

Phone: 05811-960010 Ext. 286


Chemistry is the central science. Chemical Science is shaping our future. The real importance of chemistry is that it serves as the interface to particularly all the other sciences, and many other areas of human endeavour. It is the science about substances, their composition, structure, properties, and interactions. Chemists have contributed a great deal to technical advances of society and have made many important contributions to modern life. Everything is made from one or more chemical elements that occur in nature. Chemists use different kinds of chemical processes to make the elements more useful, and they create countless products that make our lives healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. The Department of Chemistry, Karakoram International University is well equipped to contribute to same spirit on aforementioned aspects of chemistry. It has a competent faculty, well-equipped laboratories and suitable infrastructure. Chemistry is a powerful springboard to launch you into a fascinating career. Chemistry courses combine general education with preparation for immediate employment. A person with a bachelor’s level education in chemistry is prepared to assume a wide variety of positions in industry, government, and academia.

The department of chemistry is determined to provide a high standard of chemistry education and to be at the forefront of postgraduate teaching and research. The research interests of the academic staff are wide and varied. The key areas of research are Natural Product Chemistry, Biotransformation, Oxidative Stress Studies, Organic Synthesis, Toxicological Studies, Nano-Materials, Supramolecular Chemistry, and Chemical Analysis. All academic staff of the department is actively pursuing their interdisciplinary research with researchers at KIU and outside the department with other renowned institutions nationally and internationally. We offer research in various disciplines of chemistry at the BS/MSc (thesis research), M.Phil./MS and Ph.D. It is an honour for this department that we have published an article in top ranked (impact factor of 5.9) international journal (Chemistry- A European Journal, 2013, 19, 17951-17962).

We have incentives to attract and cater outstanding students and scholars in different academic and research programs by offering a scholarship for at least 18 deserving students every year to meet the academic expenses through Connecting Pakistani and American Communities Scholarship Program (CPAC) in the coordination of Prof. David Smith, USA.

Degrees Offered


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